The Nanostructured Materials Group is focused on the development and characterization of bulk multiscale composite materials tailored for functional and structural performance under extreme conditions. These materials have a wide range of potential applications and their optimization requires solving fundamental challenges. Both physical and mechanical behaviour are targeted, building upon a strong interest and relevant experience in RAMAN and IR spectroscopy, X-Ray diffraction, electron and atomic force microscopy, and mechanical characterization.

Current activity is focused on:

  • Development and study of complex metal alloys and composites for Nuclear Fusions applications, namely Li-Sn alloys and Cu matrix composites.
  • Development and study of the production of hydroxyapatite and other calcium phosphates from biogenic CaCO3 and a phosphorus precursor.
  • Development and study of processing routes to foster the use of construction and demolition waste in structural concrete.
  • Development and study of additive manufacturing of nanostructured ceramic dental structures, including zirconia and alumina/zirconia. Particularly emphasis is dedicated to the study of their wear behaviour.