The Laser-assisted Synthesis and Processing Group includes two poles, one at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-ULisboa) and the second one at Faculdade de Ciências (FC-ULisboa).

The activity of the group is focused on four main areas:

Ultrafast laser materials processing

  • Study of self-organised nanostructures created by ultrafast laser processing and their application in medicine, microfluidics and photonics.
  • Spin-dependent properties of hybrid heterostructures created in laser patterned thin films.
  • Phase transformations due to ultrafast laser irradiation of materials.
  • Ultrafast laser ablation for minimally invasive surgery. Effect of ultrafast laser ablation on the viability of biological tissues

Materials and nanostructures for applications in energy, thermal management and spintronics

  • Thermoelectric properties of Si-based heterostructures.
  • Study of electrical, magnetic and magnetotransport properties of composite materials for magnetoresistive and spintronic devices.
  • Study of physical and electrochemical properties of SnO2/C nanostructures prepared by pulsed laser deposition.
  • Synthesis and characterization of core-shell nanoparticles for fuel cells electrocatalysts.

Laser processing and synthesis of metallic and composite materials for medical and aerospace applications

  • Laser deposition of single crystalline high-temperature materials for the aerospace industry.
  • Laser-assisted combinatorial design of metallic alloys and metal-matrix composite systems.

LIDAR and LIF-LIDAR environmental applications