Complex Fluids, NMR and Surfaces Group

Group Leader: Carlos Cruz

– The core of the CFNMRS group is composed by researchers of the Condensed Matter and Nanotechnology Scientific Area of the IST and Physics Department, dedicated to the investigation of physical properties of soft matter complex systems and self-organized materials, and to the structural and morphological characterization of thin films, surfaces and materials for optical and electronic applications.

– The main facilities of the group include the Soft Matter Laboratory, the Thin Films Deposition and Characterization Laboratory and the AFM Laboratories.

– Besides the fundamental and applied research topics on soft matter, thin films and low-dimensional quantum structures, the group activity has an important component of development of Fast Field Cycling NMR Technology with considerable international impact.

– Main Research Topics

– Liquid crystals
– Ionic liquids
– Advanced composite systems for biomedical and energy storage applications
– Thin films for electronic devices
– Low dimensional quantum structures
– AFM and NMR characterization of membranes for biomedical applications