Research Highlights

Artificial Organs

Artificial Organs are associated to clinically well-established membrane-based treatments and assure, in extracorporeal blood circulation devices, the metabolic functions of a failing organ such as the hemodialyzer (HD)and the membrane blood oxygenator (MBO) for the substitution of the kidney and the lung, respectively. Technical and medical progress was achieved on 1)more hemocompatible membrane/blood interfaces  created by the synthesis of monophasic asymmetric  hybrid cellulose acetate/silica membranes for HDs and bi-soft segment polyurethane asymmetric membranes  for MBOs (Patent US9181384B2 – Process of synthesis asymmetric polyurethane based membranes with hemocompatibility characteristics and membranes obtained by said process ) and on 2)the enhancement of the flow management/mass transfer associated to the metabolic functions of the artificial kidney/lung  in custom-made benchmark devices with a membrane surface area of 60 cm2 as surrogate systems of the artificial kidney and artificial lung to  accomplish in blood compatible environment, stable and long-term blood purification and oxygenation, respectively.

– Faria, M., Moreira, C., Mendonça Eusébio, T., de Pinho, M. N., Brogueira, P., & Semião, V. (2018). Oxygen mass transfer in a gas/membrane/liquid system surrogate of membrane blood oxygenators. AIChE Journal, 64(10), 3756-3763

Platinum/polypyrrole-carbon electrocatalysts for direct borohydride-peroxide fuel cells

Polypyrrole-carbon composites having different amounts of carbon decorated with platinum nanoparticles were prepared and investigated for borohydride oxidation reaction in alkaline medium and for hydrogen peroxide reduction reaction in acidic medium. A direct borohydride-peroxide fuel cell with Pt/PPy-C35% as anode electrocatalyst gave the highest peak power density of 1.4 kW gPt−1 at current density of 2.0 kA gPt−1 and cell voltage of 0.70 V.

-Oliveira, R. C., Milikić, J., Daş, E., Yurtcan, A. B., Santos, D. M., & Šljukić, B. (2018). Platinum/polypyrrole-carbon electrocatalysts for direct borohydride-peroxide fuel cells. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 238, 454-464.